Kilimanjaro International Leather Industries Co. Ltd

About us

Kilimanjaro International Leather Industries Co. ltd (KLICL) was formed in 2017 after the joint venture agreement between PPF Pensions Fund now PSSSF and Prisons Corporation Sole (PCS) with a purpose to invest in establishing the modern Leather Industrial project. We make and sell different types of high quality leather shoes and leather products designed to best fit customer needs.

Our mission is to produce and sell quality leather and leather products, shoes, soles at competitive prices through utilization of competent personnel, use of modern technology and quality raw materials. We are committed to making the difference in our business not only to be the fastest growing of its kind, but also the most innovative industry on the leather sector across the region.


Eng. Saiba Edward

KLICL is one of the largest companies in East and Central Africa with the main objective of producing, distributing and selling high quality leather and leather related products in local and international markets.

Innovation, professionalism, integrity, and teamwork are our values that are attributed to the company’s operational efficiency. We provide solutions to our prospective and esteemed customers by offering elegant leather products through the use of modern technology and machineries to handle massive production.

Tanzania is the second country in Africa endowed with huge livestock population and abundant natural resources. Therefore, a combination of our values, readily available raw materials, Italian technology, experienced and skilled professionals have enabled production of high-quality, durable and stylish products at an affordable price.

I would therefore like to encourage customers and stakeholders from local and international markets to purchase leather and leather related products from KLICL.

We do extend our services to customers with special requirements such as contract manufacturing, customized leather products, orthopaedic and industrial footwear.

We have an open distribution chain to every individual and/or company who is interested in working with us to ensure our products are available and accessible in both local and international markets.
Karibuni sana.


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